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Thanks for your valuable feedbackWe sincerely appreciate your insights from the global community because it has helped us to build a better product. If you have any more questions, comments, concerns or compliments, please feel welcome to reach out to us as we would be more than happy to receive it.

Awesome project! I really like what you’re trying to do. I believe it’s the correct approach and with proper execution, this will do very well. Your landing page is extremely thorough, I would definitely add a bit more whitespace between the elements. It will prevent users from feeling overwhelmed by all the information. I think what could also do very well is a video explaining everything.

ExecuBooks 4 Jan 2021

This is a nice site and good concept! I’d remove “the Amazon for Fitness” in your tagline – It’s unnecessary and requires a bit of mental gymnastics.

Business-model wise, do you only take a % of a successful referral, or the lifetime value of that person’s subscription? I’d recommend making sure you’re set for recurring revenue rather than *only* a finder’s fee. That also aligns your incentives with the gym. 4 Jan 2021

🎉🎅🏼🎄 Happy 2021 !!! I wish you good luck in the new year!

Great idea and progress! Maybe you update any elements on site the site design so that it is immediately clear what benefit you are doing. For example, graphically show the use case. Know – the design has a huge role when you first get acquainted with the project! Leave a positive feeling after visiting the site! 4 Jan 2021

It seems that you works great. Only thing I would like to know is how are users? Are they willing to pay for your service? Because it is very geo-limited for users (I suppose they dont travel to different countries all the time), they might just contact gyms directly. So you might need to verify whether they pay or not ASAP ( we had this problem). 24 Nov 2020

I’ve reviewed you previously. I believe there were some changes on your website and it is looking really great!

Just a small remark: In your footer – Linkedin link directs to “” which is believe another product was built from your side but I believe it would be nicer to have another page for your fitness website! 🙂 24 Nov 2020

That’s a great domain name. This pandemic has made a lot of them gain weight and indulge in unhealthy habits. Platforms like these are more important now than ever. Love the colorful website.

All the best for the launch on producthunt – keep it up. Congratulations. 24 Nov 2020

Great traction. I think you can find partners who have related target audience and who can promote your product for referral fee. 16 Nov 2020

I also have been involved with Africa-related project so I feel very near for my heart

deliverator-210346 9 Nov 2020

Nice landing page and good progress this week! I think sticking with a few countries is better to start. If you can build up a reputation locally, it will strengthen your brand. Then you can expand to more countries! 2 Nov 2020

Great progress! I really like that you are helping gyms and people to face COVID.

Great idea to rent equipment, sounds very lucrative and useful for your customers.

Keep going!  2 Nov 2020

I’m in no way a fitness person, although the gallery on your site makes me wish I was. I find on your site there’s quite a long delay on images loading, the animations for them arriving seem super delayed. I didn’t even notice the yoga photo’s until my second visit. I think speeding up your site could be worth a look. – Other than that great project the stage you’re at is awesome, best of luck!  2 Nov 2020

Great idea! Now that people are working out at home because of COVID, home rental for fitness equipment or selling discount packages can really help people build home gyms affordably. Good luck!     2 Nov 2020

This is a really amazing idea. I think I have reviewed your project more than 5 times and it has been progressing all the way. Keep up the good work.   12 Oct 2020

That’s awesome. Does anything else exist like this, and if so how are you better? Your website is nice, but I get some weird formatting near the bottom and a content protected alert.

ninakhera     12 Oct 2020

Great achievements for this week. I really support health and wellness startups. I think your plan is really good making geographic contraints would help your team to focus on the important things as an early startup. Don’t forget to talk to your users and get feedback. Always re-iterate when there are some pain points that are not being solved. Good luck next week!        5 Oct 2020

Love it, detailed website. Get the subscriptions going through your site, you refer new members, and also give them trial membership, like ClassPass here. They do 10% of your work, and profit 10 times. Ping me if you need more details.

voice-yoda       5 Oct 2020

I really like the video, it’s very clean and the graphics are really nice. It ties in well with your sites appearance too! My only gripe is the fonts seem to change a bit through the video, I don’t know if that’s your aim but it just stood out to me. Keep up the good work you got great progress this week. Keep it up it’s an awesome service with potentially global scaling       28 Sep 2020

I think the video is too long and the chat at the beginning is kind of pointless, if I were you I would focus more on explaining what your product does and how it solves people’s problems, rather than trying to make people feel attached to the problem. Show them how you can make their lives 10x easier when looking for a gym. Great work and progress, keep up the good work!       28 Sep 2020

I like your website – is it like the ‘go to’ place for gym information in Africa? I’m curious to understand why people would prefer your site over say, doing a google search in their maps function on a smart phone? 21 Sep 2020

Given the massive size of Africa, does it make sense to focus on a country / region ? Unless you guys have fantastic networking capabilities, i’d guess it will be hard to grow your network of gyms? What is your go to market strategy here? Maybe your big picture strategy is all of africa, but your initial market may be a town/region/or country?

morning_coffee  21 Sep 2020

Great idea! Look forward to seeing the progress.  15 Sep 2020

Great progress! I like the approach to find influencers to promote your platform

whoelseai  7 Sep 2020

Why such a big scope? What made you do this rather than release a brand per country? The site looks good and especially in map view is very responsive now with a scattering of service providers. I worry this will become very cluttered once you have many on board.

Touchgram_Andy 7 Sep 2020

If improving your website becomes a future priority for you, I’d recommend implementing a more consistent color scheme, replacing the log image in the header (it’s blurry on my screen), and consolidating the homepage a bit (possibly creating separate landing pages for different audiences, e.g. trainers) 7 Sep 2020

Great initiative for those who are interesting by fitness or wellness. Good luck for this project.

Totibill-2019  31 Aug  2020

I feel like you should focus on surveying/talking to customers (to see what issues they have with current fitness center discovery/what they’re having problems with) before reaching out to influencers. Maybe look into a program ala AirBNB Experiences that helps organize/aggregate events across these centers to give your project added value over just googling closest fitness centers.  31 Aug  2020

Hello, Let me first say wow! The website looks really good! It works well and is super easy to understand. I love the idea and I’m a big fan of MMA so to see that on the site made me smile. You didn’t ask for feedback so ill just say your doing great and keep up the good work!  24 Aug  2020

I see you have been making great progress every week. The site also looks better. Keep at it. 24 Aug  2020

I really like this idea and think it’s a good target market you are aiming for. You should try to get this in the hands of potential customers and get some customer feedback ASAP. I really like the website, it was really clear what your plan is. Your one-liner was a little bit confusing (Amazon isn’t the best analogy IMO).

If you have any questions or anything I can help you with, let me know. Happy to help. 🙂 17 Aug  2020

This is a great product, please keep making impressive progress.

Bamboo-Eco-City 17 Aug  2020

I love your initiative to come up with such a cool platform. In Africa we really need to improve a lot of our fitness, we seem not to understand the importance of fitness. It would really be great if you could also educate our people on the importance of good health too. Your website is not opening, if you are having problems with setting up your website check out or for free website.

Asmal 10 Aug  2020

Before you jump into acquisition cost, what are you monetizing? There is a multitude of ways you can drive traffic to your website, but what’s more important is to figure out your business model. In the meantime, I’d say focus heavily on SEO and content marketing. 4 Jan 2021

This looks great! It might beneficial to add a newsletter signup at the bottom of the page just in case someone decides they want updates but aren’t ready to signup.

Good luck this week!

CryptoSearch.Info  4 Jan 2021

Great progress from last week! Fantastic work. I really dig your website the messaging is clear and concise.

Actionable feedback:

The purple colour although looks good, seems out of place when I checked out other pages. Other pages seem to resonate more with branding.

Well done again, I hope Fitness4Africa grows strong and successfully. 14 Dec 2020

Creo que se les puede ofrecer a los gimnasios aliados tecnología que por sí sólos no pueden asumir. Recomiendo el concepto que aplicaron en Orangefitness  14 Dec 2020

So you are basically building a ClassPass for Africa? Great idea! Your website is overwhelming. You offer to book workouts, multi-day experiences, spa retreats, and much more. That’s great. But before Amazon became the everything store, they focused on selling books. What’s the one service you could focus on? Good luck! 24 Nov 2020

Wow! This is actually a massive idea and the quality of your website is quite amazing! Big congratulations.

I can see this working not only across Africa but in Europe/the US too. My advice to you would be to focus on the most narrow market possible and build an exceptional service and user experience there, then scale from there and apply the already working playbook to other markets. Good luck!  24 Nov 2020

Looks great! Sign me up please  24 Nov 2020

Great idea and progress! Maybe you update any elements on site the site design so that it is immediately clear what benefit you are doing. For example, graphically show the use case. Know – the design has a huge role when you first get acquainted with the project! Leave a positive feeling after visiting the site!   16 Nov 2020

I think I commented on your project at least twice in the past. Good to see you are pushing through. All the best.

SkilledUp.Life  16 Nov 2020

Very interesting product! It can have a lot of potential because of how well done the webpage is, and how much content there is on there. One slight change could be that the homepage itself has a lot of content on it and its easy to get lost in it. Perhaps being able to navigate to a certain topic by clicking a button and auto-scrolling there, or having a separate page for it could be helpful. Great work though!  9 Nov 2020

Great idea. I am reviewing from Ghana and when I travel, I typically want to find a gym that has a squash or racquetball court I can use. From my experience, most gym owners are super flexible and will be open to the idea of additional income. To speed up your intake, you can incentivize users to recommend their gyms, it’s just a matter of talking to the front desk person. The right incentive may get people talking.

deliverator-946464  9 Nov 2020

Great idea and I like your progress. You solve a huge problem with massive potential. But your site provides little information about the project as a whole. I would like to see infographics, more descriptions about opportunities, and possible implementation cases.   2 Nov 2020

Great job talking to your users and building your team this week! 🙂 Your pitch is very clear, which is great! But my first question is: Doesn’t Google Maps do this? When I went to your website, I realised that I could sort for whatever activity I want, which of course GM doesn’t do. So I’d incorporate that in your pitch to make your value clear. Try pitching it as “AirBnB for fitness centers in Africa” perhaps. GL:)   2 Nov 2020

Hey there, seems like a very cool project, congrats! Small feedback on your landing page: some elements take a long time to load, I think it’s caused by the animation on scroll. It should appear right as I’m scrolling with a small animation, but what’s happening is that the animation starts only a few seconds after I’m on the element, leaving big blank spaces. I think you should fix that 🙂 Anyway, good luck!   12 Oct 2020

Great idea, website is well executed, and especially taking into account the current distancing advice I think its great that you are engaging still. Website is clear and I would suggest list as many centres and gyms as possible.    12 Oct 2020

Wow, this is great. Nice, straightforward, easy-to-use site, well done! I used the martial arts category to get to a gym page. I wonder if it would be useful to highlight the martial arts details for this listing? Might be hard to get that data? Hmm. Great job and good luck!      5 Oct 2020

Keep up the progress! My suggestion would be to try and focus what this collection of data can do for consumers.     5 Oct 2020

You went above and beyond your goals this week and that is why you get my vote! Your plan to gradually scale up is smart and I support it. I would maybe add a covid info FAQ for how your gym partners are maintaining social distancing etc for safe gym enviroments   5 Oct 2020

Video is fun but way longer than it should be!
How do you plan to monetize it?

frappuccino_o       28 Sep 2020

I’m highly impressed by the excellent progress on your very significant project. Please keep going and add more links and some use case as much as possible. I also suggest to expand your market further to promote your very useful product.

ironBot     28 Sep 2020

What a great initiative, the gyms require some protocols to open after covid-19 in Africa?

acal96   21 Sep 2020

Progress is nice

Fly-Elevated  21 Sep 2020

I don’t have any ideas to contribute but this seems like a very solid business that I can see being a very nice lifestyle. I love that you’re talking to users! Best of luck, I selected you 🙂  15 Sep 2020

You’re killing it! Consider themed days. Looks like you have a lot on your plate between talking to users, creating social posts, and growing users. Consider dedicating one day to each.   15 Sep 2020

Helping to grow business infrastructure will aid tourism as well. A great idea!

JoesWriters.Club 7 Sep 2020

Clean interface. I’d suggest adding a high quality graphics for all the images on your website. Also, great job on consistency with the CSS design, fonts, and sizes. I noticed the “Best of Yoga Programs” is duplicated. 7 Sep 2020

Good idea, just a question, what is happening in COVID19 context? maybe it is worth adding some online courses as well?

KeyGro 31 Aug 2020

Amazing market to penetrate, as the fitness giant are falling apart, it is a new chance for start up to rise up and take over the market. The website is pretty clean and easy to understand so, congrats on the great prototype. But dont try to grow exponentially now because of the COVID-19. Same companies have filed for bankruptcy in other countries, so create good product, and find the the right time to grow fast 31 Aug  2020

Congratulations on the progress you’ve made this week! 🚀 How are you currently doing on the side of acquiring new users? I’m glad that at this stage you’re very product driven, but I think it would also be good to see some insight on how your users are. It would also be good if you focus a bit of time this week trying to speak to your most active customers. They will give you invaluable feedback for your product. 31 Aug  2020

I love the idea and see the potential as fitness is a pretty pure positive towards people and their lives. Although I don’t know much about your conversion rates, I do want to mention your landing page looks nice but is a bit packed. Is this working for you because I’m definitely curious on that, and good luck!! 24 Aug  2020

I am inspired by the speed of your growth! Keep going.
I was a little confused by the expression of ‘Amazon of’ mainly because there’s no ‘The Amazon of Fitness’ in the world. 24 Aug  2020

Good job! It could be nice that you sell gym equipment, as many people are looking at it during these times. Also, take a look at gympass (generic pass for many gyms). 17 Aug  2020

🧠 Nice idea and good progress this week! 🧠 Very user-friendly website, I would just maybe do the logo sharper and maybe synchronize style of the website because sections have different styles from each other 🧠 keep up good work! 🙂 10 Aug  2020

Not much constructive feedback, I think your execution seems strong. If I were to give a comment, I would suggest you figure out revenue early and really pay attention to cashflow. I think that’s what matter for your business model. Because you’re gonna need to spend a lot for acquisition and operation, you gotta make sure you will reach profitability. Got my vote still! 4 Jan 2021

Looks like, but for Africa! Very cool. I definitely see the trend of moving towards smaller fitness facilities where trainers can train their clients privately. Website looks fine, I’d clean up the search functionality a bit. I find it difficult to figure out how to “book” or set an appointment. Could use that as an opportunity to convert new users? When they click, as them to register. 4 Jan 2021

Looking good, I think it’s smart to pair down the amount of countries you’re supporting for now. What are you aiming to achieve with the podcasts? How are you acquiring new gyms etc – do you absolutely need to approach each one, or could you put stuff up without contacting them, at least initially? 4 Jan 2021

Great problem space you are going into. I think this is great progress, would you consider focusing on your pricing page and maybe making it easy for a potential customer like me to access without needing me to give access to my location? I’d suggest you create plans and prices per location so I can see them first before giving you access to my exact location. 14 Dec 2020

Very nice website. I take for granted that everything is so easy to find in the US so I’m only now learning how much modernizing parts of Africa need to do. It looks like you’re doing really well right now as far as getting up and running. Keep the momentum going!. 14 Dec 2020

Wow, you have boomed since I last reviewed. Apart from just growing number of providers, only other thing I can see is do you make it easy for people to “buddy up” with a friend doing virtual training? That increases motivation especially if you train by yourself.

Touchgram_Andy 24 Nov 2020

Good to learn about your progress. Your idea seems intriguing and wish to learn more about your progress in future. Please mention your project name in the beginning of ‘What are you building?’ section. Good Luck! 24 Nov 2020

Very nice! Keep up the good work. 24 Nov 2020

Good website.

What are your thoughts on going deeper in the existing countries before expanding.

I wonder how this will affect your scaling of service and support.

art3mis-106039  16 Nov 2020

What a fun site. Has to be a winner.
Has to be a great platform for suppliers. They MUST list on your site.
So much revenue potential. Following you on Twitter.

dwcrombie   16 Nov 2020

Great progress. Hope you shall reach 54 soon 🙂 9 Nov 2020

Great idea, and nice progress, keep up!

KeyGro 9 Nov 2020

Very solid progress. Wonder what the top 5 countries are?

The social distancing angle I think can be unique differentiator on your website. You should have some videos showing how some of the activities i.e. martial arts might work under a social distancing context (watched a friend’s MMA gym, it ended up looking like WWE haha), minimum occupancy and how social distancing works in some of your gyms  2 Nov 2020

Fitness is a big deal and might be a bigger one after the COVID. Is this an app or a web platform or you leveraging social media? Are you providing centers or this is just a marketplace? And I think 5 is too big for a start. How about gaining traction in one country leveraging on data available on wellness, obesity, standard of living etc. And I love the continental vision in this. Keep moving

yoda-938466    2 Nov 2020

Great incentive, love the idea of making it easier for people to find a place to exercise and stay healthy. Your audience would be for travelers right? Maybe bring in something that is also focusing on busy business people… something like points – so they used 5 spots all in different parts of Africa and they get a free something… or points that help them with a free class…  12 Oct 2020

First of all, congrats on the progress so far! Usually my main feedback is to see how fast the progress is being made and I admire your growth. How much capital would you require to see significant revenue?  12 Oct 2020

Fantastic website.
Linkedin profile needs updating, mentions only Doctorsforafrica now.
Maybe combine concepts?
Great progress steps.

dwcrombie     5 Oct 2020

I like the efforts of taking good quality photos, the category section is really helpful. Would be interested to think about a content section to drive in additional search traffic from Google. Btw the SSL issue is still ongoing, let me know if you need help fixing it.    5 Oct 2020

I liked the video, it is nicely edited and the footage is high quality.

I think there is a problem with your SSL certificate, you might be losing visitors because of that       28 Sep 2020

Awesome project and great progress! I’m excited to see more updates. Keep it up!       28 Sep 2020

clear info, if i have to mention anything it’s that for me the music didn’t fit but it’s minor. gl!       28 Sep 2020

Awesome idea – i hope it works! 21 Sep 2020

Love your holistic approach. We are developing an app to manage professional as well as personal wellbeing. Would love to have a conversation.   All the very best.  21 Sep 2020

Helping gyms recover from COVID-19 is an excellent area for innovation. These are unprecedented times and there’s definitely room to create value, because businesses need all the help that can get to return to normal. As an athlete, staying healthy and in shape is especially important. I would recommend specifically showing COVID policies for each of the places – Huge value add. How are you guys monetizing?   15 Sep 2020

Very cool idea! I think a good thing to try out is also looking at how you might simplify the landing page so that there is a clearer call to action. As right now there is a lot of words

DesignForHappiness  7 Sep 2020

Nice to see your project again! The project looks pretty much set already! I feel that all you really have to work on now is to get the word out. I like how you’re reaching out to influencers as a marketing campaign. Maybe you could also join and post in fitness/health-conscious Facebook groups as well as create an Instagram account to show & promote your services and partner facilities to entice/attract new users

Manilamade  7 Sep 2020

I think focusing one specific use case for e.g., pregnant moms and solving for that would be great for focus, initial set of customers etc

WiseApp 31 Aug  2020

Great idea and I really like it. This problem with big potential. Maybe you update any elements on site the site design so that it is immediately clear what benefit you are doing. For example, graphically show the use case. Know – the design has a huge role when you first get acquainted with the project! Leave a positive feeling after visiting the site! 31 Aug 2020

Love the interface you have built. Just a suggestion you could even consolidate access to online trainers would be a good revenue stream considering online fitness or fitness from home is picking up. At a later stage you can charge a small transaction free from these trainers for every subscription they get through you or even a small fee to use your platform space as a promotional banner.. 24 Aug  2020

Wow, great week. Excellent progress. It’s my first time to get to view/vote on what you are doing. Impressive. If you haven’t seen this article I think you will like it: We’ve found the input/feedback, accountability, and weekly call really helpful over the weeks we’ve been in Pioneer. Stay with it and give it to others and you will gain. Cheering for you.

SumitSrivastava 24 Aug  2020

Looks like an awesome idea and nice website. Only piece of feedback I have that might be helpful is that the ‘Fitness 4 Africa’ logo in the top left is a little bit blurry; the website could look a lot better if it were a higher quality image 24 Aug  2020

I see well-written, specific achievements and completed tasks.

depthhive 17 Aug  2020

First of all congrats on all the progress so far! Usually my main feedback is to try and find a way to quantify your goals and you’re doing that so keep going! Only feedback would be to also quantify your future tasks. For example, # of yoga programs, # of pieces of content, # of partnerships w/ supermarkets you want by next week, etc. This will help you measure progress better! Hope this helps & best of luck(: 10 Aug  2020

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